Moving metal

I started watching Forged in Fire on the History Channel some time ago. For a reality show, (and with the understanding that all these types of shows are stage managed), it still felt “real” enough with “real” people who happen to make edged weapons basically making a knife from raw stock (or worse) in six or so hours.

I like solving problems and seeing how other people solve problems.

My lovely bride gave me a knife making class for a birthday present. It was a one-on-one class with one of the winners of Forged in Fire – Theo Nazz. On a cold, wet April day earlier this year, I drove to his Brooklyn location. His shop was in some shared space in a warehouse. It even has its own resident rat – Fred.

I spent a thoroughly enjoyable day with Theo – learning, forging, hammering, grinding and quenching my blade.

I ran out of time before we could attach handle scales to the tang. He sent me home with some beautiful pieces of olive wood and some brass pins.






Life being what it is, I just got around this past month to attaching the scales with epoxy and the pins.

Very happy with the results. Leaving some of the forging marks in it. I still need to find the right finish for the wood, I am leaning towards tung oil. I also still need to sharpen and hone the edge once the finish is on.

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